Sunday, November 23, 2008

we are back home.............

a few days early. Jake did not sleep well for 2 nights in a row! he cried and cried then cried some more, it was bad people! i mean this is the kid who has slept a minimum of 6 hours since the night he was born! the second night he slept a little more but he coughed all night, he has been running a fever and just is not him self so i bribed the kids told them if they would want to come home we would take them to there favorite Mexican restaurant, i would do crafts with them and take them to the movies!
i am actually kind of relieved i have lots to do to get ready for thanksgiving so this actually relieves some of the stress tomorrow we are cleaning the trailer that we borrowed from our friends and doing the yard. then on Tuesday we will be having some fun!
John has the week off but knowing John will probably end up going back to work early.


  1. I understand! Our first camping trip with Rusten ended early because he would just scream all night. Reed is much better about camping. Have fun this week! :)

  2. Hope Jake is feeling better.

  3. Your John sounds like my John, he would go back to work early too! Have fun with your thanksgiving prep. We are doing the same thing over here. I am getting last minute groceries today and starting in on some baking.