Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have felt pretty stressed lately about some things and i feel i have been really snappy at my family for it. especially the kids.
  • i rush them in the morning and get irritated if they are not moving quick enough but i am the one starting the day behind
  • today i got so irritated at Jake for dumping a soda into a pile of clean clothes that i should have already put away. i spanked his little hand and told him no and it scared him so he cried for sooooo long, big tears. i sat with him and read him a book that i just had bought him and it talked about how God loves us every part of us. even when were are not being nice. i cried. the. whole. time.
  • i read it like 3 times to him and cried every time.
  • see the thing about kids is they are so quick to forget and move on but me i feel like crap the rest of the day for how i acted.
  • i want to be the best mom my kids need and i always feel i am falling so short of that.
  • why is mom guilt always so strong?!
  • i know that i have so far to go as a mom
  • some days i feel like i am finally catching on then things like today happen.
  • thank God for grace!!!
  • and that he loves me even when i am not being nice

thank you Lord for the grace that you extend to me even when i don't deserve it. thank you for allowing me to come to you every time i sin and then forgiving me over and over again. teach me how to be a better mom to the kids that you have entrusted us with. show me how to be patient, loving and kind and help me not to say harsh words to my kids. i love them so much God continue to grow me in to the parent you want me to be. thank you father i love you and trust you amen


  1. Oh Raquel, I am so in this very same place right now! I feel like you wrote down exactly what is in my head! You are a great mommy! It is a hard hard job and you do it well!

  2. Oh my I am so there! That's a lovely prayer.

  3. That happens to me at least once a week. I detest that look of fear in my kids' eyes when I overreact to their normal kid behavior. They trust us to be loving, consistent and calm and we just aren't all the time. We can't be because we are imperfect beings. Our apologies and allowing them to know it's OK to be imperfect will actually be a blessing one day I believe. They aren't going to be perfect either so they have to learn how to handle it and how to go to God and to those they hurt for grace and forgiveness. LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH RAQUEL! HUGS!! Give yourself a break. You are an awesome woman of God.