Saturday, November 29, 2008

my weekend

this is my first year in a LONG time that i have not gone shopping on black Friday. it was a little sad and it was also good because i normally buy things because they are on a ridiculously great price and i cant live without them but they are not for Christmas. this year has been a crazy financial year for us we bought a house and doubled our payment, then our stupid i mean smart meter for our electric kept reading wrong and we didn't get a bill for 3 months, when we finally did it was 4 digits and the first number was not a 1! or a 2.... needless to say i have been paying bills. at times it sucks but i thank God my husband has a good job that he LOVES, that he works for good christian men and that God continues to provide. i remind myself just with every part of being a mom that this is just a season and it will be over before we know it, and God is usually trying to teach us so much in each season that we shouldn't rush through so we need to stop and listen.

Friday we got out all our Christmas stuff and started decorating, John got some stuff on the outside but he had a minor set back when he went to Lowe's and had to see all the fancy yard paraphernalia that he REALLY wants! i got up the tree decorated the mantle and put some ornaments on the other trees. the kids had so much fun decorating!

Saturday night John and i went out with some friends it was so fun! we went to outback then to see four Christmases John and I thought it was SO funny! i love Vince Vaughn and Reese so how could you go wrong. but just as a fair warning there is some crude humor/language. although it is rated pg-13 =). oh and another great thing our date was free we had gift cards to cover our dinner including tip, and the movies!
today we went to the 10am service (normally we go to the 8am) and it was VERY good my favorite pastor spoke and worship was awesome! we ran by the grocery store so i could get a few things for the week and i only spent $40 for groceries for the week. we decorated some more around here. me John and Liz play sequence (i won all 3 times). i cooked dinner of veggie soup it was so yummy! and i made a pot of beans and salsa for the week. then i worked on my countdown to Christmas rings that i will start blogging about tomorrow! i had a wild idea that i should make them for our mops moms so i cut 25 strips of paper for each mom and there is almost 7o! it took me all evening!
this week is pretty mellow as far as the week goes but i have a busy weekend (more details later) tomorrow is mops then i hope i can pick up my computer (fingers crossed). i cant wait to be able to post some pictures!
that's it in a nutshell we had a great relaxing weekend!


  1. Ha! I copied your ring idea. Rusten and I finished it last night. I'm going to post about it tomorrow!! Don't worry--you get the credit!! :)

  2. That was so sweet of you to cut rings for everyone!!