Wednesday, October 29, 2008

update of sorts

since i have not been blogging much because my computer was broken i was thinking about blogging and i jotted down some ideas for some upcoming posts i am actually going to do that i have been saying i would. chores, allowance, menu planning, some recipes, swim meets, MOPS, and hhhhhhhhh home-schooling. yup i said it we are really planning on home-schooling soon and that decision is a post in its self so i will save it for another day.

i also told you i was planning on doing this week in pictures blog thing but Jake is really sick (croup, strep throat, ear infections, the whole sha-bang) so i figured i would wait until a few days when he is feeling better so you know it wont be picture after picture of me holding him, giving him medicine and changing diapers because those lovely antibiotics give him diarrhea (lovely topic i know but hey if you are a mom you know what i mean) i have got some laundry done (but not enough) does it ever end...... the laundry??? i watched a bunch of my recorded shows on the DVR and took kids to and from school.

oh and today Johnathan had to miss school because he threw up this morning. i guess while we were asleep he got up and decided to eat some marshmallows... the WHOLE bag of not ever opened marshmallows. yes. he. did. no wonder his stomach hurt.

John took Liz and David tonight to David's soccer pizza party because Jake was sick and since Johnathan missed school he didn't get to go either. Johnathan's party is tomorrow and he will have fun i am sure. i am so glad soccer is over (well Liz has 2 games left but that is better than the 3 games every Saturday) no more 2 sports at once or at least not for all 3 kids!

other than that all is good! how are you doing? i am so excited to be able to catch up on everyone else's blogs that i have missed so much!

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