Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beach Trip


this past weekend we went on a camping trip to a swim meet with the kids team we had a great time but it wasn't nearly long enough. this is a yearly trip that the team takes so we look forward to many more years of it. we actually get to go to another meet in November the weekend before thanksgiving, for that one we are going to go to San Luis but we are staying at lake Lopez it should be fun fun fun!!!!


so this past weekend we headed up on Friday night on the way out we stopped by the pumpkin patch so the kids could pick out a pumpkin for the carving contest


then we headed to the beach and after we got the camp set up we went to dinner at splash yum!

102_0257              102_0260          of course we had clam chowder!  


Saturday we started swimming the kids did so well. David swam in his first meet and he did SOOO good! the little guys swam a relay and they were swimming against some much bigger kids and they got last place, David was the anchor and by the time it got to his turn all the other teams were done, he looked as though he was going to dry while swimming but we all cheered him on actually everyone in the place did so by the time he finished we all cheered and clapped, he did however take 3rd in the boys under 8 backstroke! Johnathan was really good while we were there and Jake stayed here with his aunt Jen which turned out to be good because he started getting sick on Sunday and that wouldn't have been good to have him out in the cold all weekend. after the meet we took the kids boogie boarding and then the team met up at the campground and carved pumpkins and ate dinner.




Sunday we swam more than came home! fun times had by all.. (sorry about such the long post)

102_0392 (love this picture of the girls cheering on the little boys)

102_0271 what's upppppp.....


  1. What a fun weekend! I am glad you had such a good time!

  2. I just love beach trip for those cool winds & the wonderful sound of sea waves.