Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Thursday


just being real
  • computer is still not fixed so i can only get online at night when John brings his home for me (i am so thankful for that)
  • i took it to my computer guy and when they fixed the problem they accidently broke some pin thing that may not be able to be fixed~~~~~~ on the bright side i may be getting a newly refurbished much better laptop becasue of there mistake if they cant fix it. i really like these people so surprisingly i was not mad at them and i didnt raise my voice at all.
    the good news is they can get all my date, music, pictures etc off my old computer and move it to the new one
  • i think i am PMSing i cried like 5 times today
  • i forgot David had a field trip and i forgot his lunch had to come back home to make it.
  • did i mention my computer drama LOL
  • my house is a mess even though i spent all day tuesday cleaning!
  • i still have laundry to do
  • and the worst thing is today is the 5 year anniversary of Matthews death.

tomorrow is a new day..............

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