Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a list

my computer is still having issues but i am on John's laptop at the moment so i can update with a list.
  • MOPS convention was fun, it wasn't as great as years past but it was good. except for they had Lynne Spears as a surprise speaker and it was LAME i will not get started on how wrong i think this is on so many levels!
  • only 3 weeks until election day! is anyone else excited for no more commercials!! hallelujah
  • Jake is starting to say some cute phrases thank you, don't touch, and whats that. are my favorites
  • some friends and I are throwing a shower for our friend Tara this weekend it should be so fun. i love baby showers! i am in charge of food so if anyone has a good appetizer i should make let me know
  • our neighbor has put together a neighborhood potluck for Sunday and i cant wait i had told John a couple of weeks ago i would love to do something like this and like a day later she approached me! i haven't got to know many of the neighbors so this will be cool
  • this is the last weekend of soccer coming up for my boys (Liz's season is 2 weeks longer) i am so over soccer i like going to the games but all the practices are old.
  • next weekend we are going camping for a swim meet... at the beach! i am so excited to get away. we were all going to go but my mom offered to keep Jake which will work out good because 6+ hours sitting at a swim meet is probably not fun for a 1 year old
  • MOPS is going really well this year i am really loving it!
  • i still have hardly anything hung up on the walls in this house! i need to figure out what i want
  • the someday master AKA the room of doom is still full of junk. i have a bet it will be cleaned out by the end of the month so i will be getting to work on that this week!!!!
  • the weather is finally cooling down I love it!!!
  • i cant wait for Halloween! my boys are going to be pirates and i am not sure about Liz yet. we are going to go trick or treating in the new hood. our school is having a carnival type thing but i am not sure if we will go. i think Johna and i decided we would rather save the money and stay home but you never know

that's it for now i will update again with pictures as soon as the computer is fixed!!!


  1. We just got our computer reformatted and it works like a dream now!

    So...during convention, I was informed that I have "co-ordinator written all over me" by our current co-ordinator. This is her last year as such, and this next year monique, our current Coordinator assistant, is stepping up and wants me to be her co coordinator.

    I'm excited but kind of scared, too. Ours is a really big group and when I think of all the details Shauna sees to it makes me nervous!