Saturday, October 18, 2008

busy weekend

so far this has been a busy weekend. last night our mops group had a moms night out, we went to BJ's and it was so yummy. we had so much fun we stayed there until 11:30!
today we had soccer PTL it is was my boys last week! Liz has a few more games but at least we wont have 3 a day. i also went to the store and got all the ingredients needed for my party day tomorrow.
tomorrow we will go to church then i have to come home and finish up some food for a shower i am helping with for my friend Tara. also our neighbor is having the potluck so it should be fun too!
Monday we have MOPS and my friend Lynette is speaking i am so excited i am certain it will be great!
next weekend we are going to the beach for a swim meet and we cant wait. the weather here is still pretty warm so it will be nice to get a way for a few days.
if my computer is ever fixed i have quite a few things i want to blog about. John has been soooo awesome and is sharing his laptop with me..... I love him sooooo much!

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