Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i cant believe it is today!

adventures_logo_med (Small)

that i am leaving for convention! it feels like forever since i started planning but at the same time it has come so fast! it is 1:55 in the morning and i just packed my clothes! the kids stuff is ready for everyone who is helping out and the lists are done!

we are flying out at 1 in the afternoon but we have a 2 hour drive to the airport and we have to be there about a hour and a half early so we are leaving at 9, after we get the kids off to school.

convention is a fun time to get away with some of my leadership and really get to laugh and get to know one another. it is also a break away form the everyday here at home. although i love being a SAHM it is nice to get my once a year get away and get refreshed. i get to hear great speakers, great worship and hello go out to eat yummy food!

so i will be back Sunday. talk to you all next week!