Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Recap


Johnnie went on a deep sea fishing trip this weekend with some of the guys he works with. i had already planned on going to see fireproof with my sister in law and mother in law so my niece Sabrina came over to baby-sit the kids. We went to dinner at Olive Garden which was great because John isn't a big fan and i love it! after dinner we went to the mall and looked around for some cute clothes because my sister in law and 2 other ladies from our mops leadership are going to Dallas on Wednesday for MOPS convention. i got a comfy pair of shoes to wear because my tennis shoes were like 3 years old and on the last leg (no pun intended) i also got a couple of cute bracelets and a shirt. after shopping we went to see the movie.


Fireproof was a good movie! not the best movie i have ever seen but good, and a great message. the thing i love about this movie is that actors all worked for free, and when Kirk kisses his wife in the movie it is his real wife! i love that, he and his wife do this because they know that temptation is strong and that they wont let that into there marriage if at all possible! rock on Cameron family!


Saturday i had to go to soccer with the kids without Johnnie, i will say it here so listen up Johnnie =) I have the best husband! he loves to go to soccer/ all the kids sporting events and will spend the whole day there and not complain. me, yeah lets just say  nodded off a few times at the early morning game and i missed my 5 year old lay in the grass  mean play soccer. after i was up and around it was better but we had to be there at 7:30 which meant i had to be up at 6:15! the games went well though and we had to hurry up to make it to a birthday party in the afternoon. praise the Lord John was home around 8:30 that evening and he had a great time. i am so glad he got to get away and have a relaxing getaway.

Sunday we went to church, then went by our old house and picked up all of our Christmas stuff that we had left in the attic =0 i washed my car and then took a fat nap. for. 3 hours!!!! we had some friends over to hang out and it was a good time.

whew that was a long post. see you tomorrow


  1. I knew it!!! I totally thought that in that last scene. "You can't see her face...I'll bet that's his looks too steamy and this IS a Christian movie..."

    I'm so glad you confirmed it. I respect him just that much more now!

  2. I love how you type in all lowercase. I tried that once but it just got to me!

  3. Whoops- I forgot to ask you to email me with your cell phone number so I can call you and meet you at ....


    I am so ready. It has been exhausting getting everything ready for my absence- my husband has 1 of the days off but my inlaws are coming to help out while he's at work, and I had to type up a billion lists and schedues for them and premake all my husband's work lunches- I'm pooped!

    Is your husband staying home with the kids?>

  4. I'm such a dodohead...people have had a hard time emailing me from my blog for some reason, so its