Wednesday, July 16, 2008

where did all this stuff come from?

so i have unloaded and unpacked a million boxes in the kitchen. and i want to know how i accumulated this much culinary necessities? and they are all necessities i mean i have like every pampered chef stone and utensil for my kitchen. along with every small electric like the George Foreman grill i had to have which by the way makes a slamin' panini, 2 crock pots, blender, food processor, 2 kitchen aids ( i bough a used one for $25 from a friend and John bought me one for Christmas) anyhow. i love to cook but do i really need it all? so my rule is, it must ALL fit in the kitchen. if it doesn't fit it must be sold or given away. so if you come over and open the fridge and find a George Foreman grill just look on pk? OK....
i will be back with pictures from the cabinets finale sometime in the next few days. John maybe done installing the dishwasher and microwave then.
oh, oh, oh, I have a sink!! after 6 weeks of no stove and sink (did i mention i have 4 kids, and 1 husband) they are both in and working! oh yes they are and we had us some fancy quesidillas tonight for dinner, you know i shredded the cheese myself!
oh and for fun. what is your favorite kitchen gadget?


  1. Is it possible to pick JUST ONE favorite kitchen gadget? Anything that makes my life more efficient is my favorite.

    1. my pizza cutter - I use it for pancakes, quesadillas, calzones, it's not just for pizza!

    2. my apple slicer - I can't remember the last time I cut and cored an apple...and we eat them daily.

    3. tuna strainer - this sounds dumb, b/c you can use the top, but it's a little strainer that fits inside the tuna can and it gets MUCH more water out. And I can't stand mushy tuna, again...I eat tuna often. Probably 4-5 times a week on my salad at lunch.

    4. Kitchenaide mixer - need I say more? Now I selfishly wish I had the 5 gallon one b/c I double recipes often.

  2. Keep me in mind when you want to give something away. lol

    Or have a giveaway on your blog? A "used giveaway". Kinda ghetto but I won't care.

    My favorite kitchen gadget: my cutco knife sharpener. It's worth its weight in gold. There's nothing worse than a dull knife.

  3. I feel your pain! I love to be in the kitchen and I use EVERYTHING I have. But oh, it is so much stuff :)