Monday, July 14, 2008

weird night

so today was supposed to be my boys birthday party for all 3 boys at pump it up. well around 4 o'clock Jake pulled a door that was leaning on a wall and it smashed his finger between the door (which was a heavy exterior door) and David's bed. he started bleeding but I couldn't tell where it was coming from and then I rinsed his hand and there was a piece of his ring finger that was just barely hanging there. luckily Lynette had come by so she kept me calm and we got it wrapped. I called the doctor and they said bring him right in so I took him in and the doctor looked at it and immediately said to take him to the ER. so I went to the ER. waited for 2 hours then got to go back had x-rays then he got 10 stitches it was so sad he has 2 small fractures in each of his fingers (pinkie and ring finger) he was so good! we left at 9:15 his arm is all bandaged he has to go to the doctor on Thursday again then in a couple of weeks to remove the stitches. I was so bummed he had to miss his birthday, and I had to miss the boys birthday. John said it went well and there was enough cake which I was worried about........ what a night

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  1. I feel so sorry for Jake. That must have been very painful. I hope he is feeling alright and that his precious tiny fingers will heal quickly.

  2. omgosh how scary!! {{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}

  3. Poor baby! Poor mama!
    Love ya, Rossie