Monday, May 19, 2008

weekend update

Friday- we went to a family worship night on Friday night it was really good, the kids led worship and it was great. except it was like 25 hours long!
Saturday- I went to John's grandparents town and went to a tea with all the women in the family it was a lot of fun. we went to buy appliances Saturday at sears because if you bought 3 you got 20% cash back. well once we went there with all four kids (on a Saturday to the mall!!!!!!!) the lady told me that you had to use your sears card. what the??? so I was mad and we left, we went to Lowe's because they were offering a $200 rebate plus free shipping. so I bought a nice stove, dishwasher and convection micro hood. well when I got home some one had posted that they were selling a set of whirlpool gold appliances
Sunday- we went to church and then went back to that town where John's grandparents live and picked up a leather couch and ottoman i bought on Craig's list it is so pretty i love it!then when we got home i called about the appliances and the girl told me when they went to sign there papers on the house they were buying there payment was going to be $200 more then they thought soooooo we went and looked at them and I bought them for $1400! they are still in the boxes, from a local appliance store with warranties and stainless. I paid $1500 for the stove in the first set alone! the only thing is I don't get a convection hood, but the dishwasher is soooo much nicer! God is so good! we went to Lowe's and returned the receipt =)
Monday- today was our last mops meeting for the year. it was so nice! we had a great group of women this year and i am excited for next season already! and we have lots of fun stuff planned. oh and my steer team got me a great gift a beautiful big bowl of several flowers AND a gift card to Home Depot to buy plants for my new house.
oh and about the house we were supposed to get keys today but now it is tomorrow. termite people are tenting Wednesday and we can start working on Friday! i will be taking lots of pictures and posting as we get going on the renovations.
so whatcha you guys been doing?


  1. Way to go on the appliances! You're moving? Fun. I'll be checking back for pictures.

  2. I can officially call you neighbor! Yay,you get to go in tomorrow, too bad we have to be at the train station at the crack of dawn!!! It should be fun though.