Friday, May 9, 2008


my last post was a downer, that is just what is on my heart. Just so you all know I normally and a very upbeat person. but if you think of it Sunday pray for those who have lost babies, those who have lost moms, those who are having a hard time as a mom. especially those who are going through the first mothers day, fathers day, Christmas etc. it DOES get easier i promise. that is what is cool about this bloggy world, we can know what other moms are going through and pray for them right then.
I hope you all have a great mothers day with your families, i am sure i will. all holidays are bittersweet but the positive side is i am so thankful for the 8 hands that hug me, and kiss me good night. for the laughter and the tears. i think when you are a mom who has lost a child you especially know these kids are really so precious and that God has a plan for each of them and we don't determine the path he does and that is a good thing!
now go give those babies a kiss

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