Tuesday, May 6, 2008

lessons part 2

well I know the things we are doing now while our kids are young are training them for when they get older. my middle son Johnathan has been lying lately. the other night he held out for like a hour and a half. i wasn't sure which boy had wrote on the wall and they were both in trouble, i finally "caught" Johnathan by telling the boys to go get the pen and David couldn't find it but Johnathan marched right in the other room and found it! so yesterday while Liz and David were at he school and he was at home he was playing and wrote all over a counter top and when i asked him he said he didn't do it?! what!!!!???? no one else was here! he blamed it on Jake! GRRRR i know it is a season but it is getting old(the lying not the being a mom part). being is a mom is tough!
I have been saying that a lot lately!

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