Sunday, March 2, 2008


my friend Teri is doing this cool grateful through the alphabet thing and I want to join, what you do is list 26 things you are grateful for each day and start with A and work your way through the alphabet so here goes:
  1. Air conditioning! because it gets very hot here!
  2. August because I was born in this moth
  3. April because that is Liz's birthday month
  4. actors and actresses- because I like good TV
  5. America!
  6. apple pie
  7. Australia- because that is where my friend Natalie lives
  8. Amazon- I love to look at books on there!
  9. age- because I learn more as i grow up
  10. Amazing grace
  11. arms that can lift my babies
  12. angels
  13. appliances!
  14. air
  15. Avila beach
  16. abundant harvest
  17. airplanes
  18. arts and crafts
  19. answers from the Lord
  20. ability to worship the Lord
  21. archives so we can know things from the past
  22. advice
  23. aprons
  24. animals- grateful I don't have any!
  25. athletes
  26. and a awesome God!!!!!

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