Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seperation Anxiety and not much more

apparently I have been on a blogging vacation and I didn't even know. Funny a lot of the blogs I read haven't been blogging much so I guess that means I haven't had motivation lately. or maybe it is I don't have that many exciting things happening. I guess i will catch you up on the weekend
  • Friday night we went to a awesome talent show at my kids school, or maybe lame is a better word. All I can say is too bad I didn't let my kids participate because apparently talent was not required by any means. David wanted to do the robot and Liz i am not sure but I talked them out of it, they would have been so good. oh well.........
  • Saturday I went and picked up my abundant harvest vegetables, then my friend Dani and I went to a local babyfest it was fun they had some fun stuff for the kids like a mini petting zoo, bounce house, and pony rides, along with vendors. I did get a few donations for our upcoming silent auction for MOPS. here is a quick funny story from the day: when I was watching the kids play in the petting zoo Jeremiah(Dani's son) kept saying "cow come here, cow moo moo", I said Jeremiah those are sheep not cows and the girl who was in charge (who was like 11) says (after she looks at me like I am a idiot) "these are goats!" oops I knew what I meant =0
  • Sunday we went to church after the I think 3 weeks of not going and Jake cried and cried in the nursery. they didn't call me out of service but I guess he cried anytime they took him in the room, so they walked him around. after church we watched or tried to watch the race which never happened so we took the kids to dinner and I ran into Target to get David some pants because his are all so short.
  • Monday was MOPS it was a good day except for the nursery that didn't go so well we were short quiet a few workers and Jake cried and cried, now I am certain it is not good when the coordinator's kid doesn't stop crying!!!! oh and hold on to your seats this is so exciting John and I went and got life insurance..... I know you can hardly contain yourself with excitement.
  • today the boys and I (Johnathan and Jake) went to the grocery store and stayed home the rest of the day.

oh in other bits of business I started a new diet and I am doing really good I haven't had a Pepsi in 6 days! I repeat, me Raquel has not had a Pepsi in 6 DAYS!!!!!!!! and actually so far I don't miss it too much. The diet is going well and I am drinking lots of water so hopefully I will lose some weight.

toddles for now

P.S. yeah the spell check works!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My midwife was set up at the babyfest! I wanted to go and didn't. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Congrats on how well you are doing on the pop! Its so hard to give up!