Saturday, December 15, 2007

Days 10-15

well as you can tell I have been slacking on the posts! I have had a super busy week! this week should slow down i am going to bake at home and get ready for the holidays!
so this is what we have consisted of
day 10- chocolate dip something. we are actually doing this next week because I had a MOPS bunco, so the kids watched a Christmas special instead.
day 11- make a gingerbread house-that is still a work in progress because our frosting would not dry! it should be ready for reveal tomorrow
day 12- craft time- we made the crafts that you see in the pictures, the kids loved them I thought they were a little complicated for each to do there own but they had fun
day 13- go look at lights- we drove around local neighborhoods
day 14- read a Christmas story- I do have a picture of that I need to post, Liz read to the boys
day 15- spend the day with dad- I had a Christmas club to go to so the kids spent all day with dad which they always enjoy!
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  1. Those crafts are adorable! Where did you find those?