Tuesday, October 23, 2007

100+ things about me!

I can not believe this is my hundredth post! I have been posting very slowly so that I would have time to brain storm for this post... but I didn't I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, well at least with things like this, they seem to come out better. so I hope you learn something new about me :)

  1. I was born and raised and still live in the same town here in California
  2. my parents spoiled me
  3. I was the baby of 5
  4. but my brother who is the next closest in age was 17 when I was born
  5. I have always been loud
  6. and outspoken
  7. & I love to be in control of things
  8. but God deals with me on that all the time
  9. my parents divorced when I was in 3rd grade
  10. our life changed so much
  11. mostly for the better
  12. but my mom had to work REALLY hard to take care of me
  13. she even sent me to private high school
  14. I loved high school
  15. I was saved in 7Th grade
  16. I had the most awesome high school youth pastor,
  17. his wife and him taught me what a walk with the Lord was for real
  18. and knew I was a leader
  19. I am left handed
  20. and hard headed
  21. but I have a savior that gives me lots of grace!
  22. his name is Jesus
  23. if you don't know him
  24. you should!!!
  25. I do not like:
  26. wal-mart!
  28. fake people
  29. when people drive slow
  30. action movies
  31. or scary ones
  32. Disneyland
  33. or most places you have to wait in a line w/ 5 million other people
  34. museums
  35. knick knacks!!!!
  36. vanilla scented anything
  37. breakfast foods
  38. coke a cola (gag)
  39. painting
  40. being bare foot
  41. a dirty house
  42. being hot!
  43. people who just want to be cool/popular
  44. mommy competition UGH! who cares anyway
  45. I love:
  46. target!!!!!
  47. the smell of pine sol
  48. and candles
  49. my family
  50. and my best friend Lindsey
  51. and my LOTS of other friends!
  52. Las Vegas
  53. the color red
  54. Gerber daisies
  55. crushed ice
  56. and Pepsi
  57. steak w/ blue cheese crumbles on the side
  58. winter time
  59. Christmas and thanksgiving
  60. I love to cook!!!and I collect cookbooks
  61. and Christmas ornaments
  62. the smell of a fresh sheets or a baby just out of the bath
  63. ministering to moms
  64. people would be surprised to learn:
  65. when I am alone I talk to myself
  66. out loud (I bet your not that surprised)
  67. I have always wanted to travel the world
  68. I always wanted to go to culinary school and live in NY city
  69. with my husband and no children
  70. God had another plan for me
  71. there names are Liz, David, John John, Matthew, and Jake
  72. I am so thankful he had this plan for my life!
  73. Matthew lives in heaven with Jesus
  74. and I miss him so much
  75. everyone else lives with me
  76. I love my kids
  77. and I would love to have 2 more
  78. and if God could amuse me and let at least one be a girl!
  79. I would love to have twins again!
  80. more to see what I missed
  81. because I never thought about having twins before I was pregnant with them
  82. other than Jesus I love John more than anyone in this world
  83. he truly is my best friend
  84. and we are dorks
  85. we like CSI and playing rummy
  86. and hanging out with one another
  87. I am glad God blessed me with him
  88. I hope he feels the same
  89. oh on another note
  90. I love reality TV!!! seriously love it!
  91. I go to a huge church
  92. I Love it, we have 2 great pastors but I have a favorite
  93. but I cant tell you
  94. oh and I love MOPS
  95. well at least my mops group is awesome!
  96. I think God has given me boldness and the ability to be real
  97. because people can smell a fake from a mile away
  98. and most people don't like fakes- I don't
  99. I love my laptop John got it for me for Christmas last year
  100. Gifts are soooooo my love language
  101. and John is good at it! another reason I love him ;)
  102. I enjoy being sarcastic and
  103. I don't like when people think they are funny but they are not
  104. I am a leader
  105. but I hate confrontation
  106. John and I have got in probably 3 arguments since we have been married
  107. and that will be 10 years this Valentines
  108. we really do have a great marriage
  109. I am sorry if you don't
  110. really, that would stink
  111. OK I am rambling
  112. this is fun though
  113. I love to blog
  114. but don't do it enough
  115. I will work on that!
  116. I am done
  117. otherwise I will be at 200 before you know it


  1. I LOVED the style (paragraph yet in a list) of your 100 things about you! It was great!

  2. What a great list! I learned so much about you. We have a lot in common and you are one funny lady!