Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why is it......

when we think that we have God all figured out, he challenges us deeper in our walk with him. yesterday I had called a lady who wants to get involved mops so I had one spot left so I assign her to a table and call her to let her know she is in. she wasn't there so she called back and I make small talk tell her what MOPS is and all the info she needs to know. she seems very nice, I kept hearing a phone ringing and I say do you work, she said yes in the afternoons for her husband I say oh what does he do, she pauses and hesitates then she tells me anyway I immediately felt guilty for asking but it was a honest question how was I supposed to know who she was. anyway I told her I was so excited she was coming to mops and that I couldn't wait to meet her, I truly meant that. you see we all deserve to come freely to a church, ministry, or gathering with other believers and not feel condemned or judged. I want her to truly fill that, I want her to know no matter what she is going through although can seem like a place where there is no hope there is and there are others wanting to help her and want to know her for her. that is my prayer for this coming MOPS year, that I will be sensitive to the moms in my group and that God will use me to minister to them and love them where they are, that he cares about every detail in our lives and nothing is too big for him!

We have 62 moms coming to our group this year, and I cant wait to meet all of them, many are new and I hope they love it!

Lord God please direct my mouth when I speak to these women on Monday, use me as a vessel for your ministry. although we get together for fun and to get to know one another, allow our new moms to feel a immediate connection to the ladies around them. we are all moms and we struggle with many things sometimes small and sometimes huge, teach us how to love one another for where we are at, not where we have been, or where we will be in the future, but for where we are at this very moment. may these ladies feel your presence when they walk through the doors, and may they feel that when they leave. allow us as leaders to be sensitive to your spirit, to know which moms need a hug, or a pat on the back, or a "you are doing a great job" , allow us not to be cliquey, or too busy we can not sit and chat with a mom who needs it, use us lord....use us for your glory not our own... use us to impact the lives of moms, which will impact there families, communities, churches, friends let us not take too lightly the road you have mapped out for us, but also allow us to come and be real and show that we are not perfect that we fall short everyday that we have to get up wipe ourselves off and start over again all the time. may we glorify and uplift your name always - AMEN!


  1. You sound like such a great leader/mentor. Your group is very blessed to have you. Can't tell you how much I wish I had met someone like you when I was younger and needed it (not that I don't still - but, well, you know what I mean)!

  2. May God bless you and your MOPS group this year, and may He give you an extra measure of grace and discernment to see when an extra hug or word of encouragement is needed, so that through you He may touch the hearts of women that need Him.

  3. It will be a great year! With a heart like yours, everyone will fall into love with MOPS. Thank you for demonstrating your passion for this amazing ministry. You are offering a lifeline for those moms who need encouragement, support, Jesus.

    Let Him shine and it will be a success.

  4. How lucky we are to have you for a coordinator, You have such a good heart Raquel. But holy cow, we have 62 Moms, I better get two more frames. I think I only have 60. This is going to be such a fun year for our group.

  5. Amen! I know for me, I have to work on getting my butt out of the comfort zone and love on these mommies! Thanks for your words, I'm very encouraged!!!