Thursday, August 9, 2007

we are going on a date.....

that would be my son and I. Today we are going to spend the day together, we are going to get up take Johnathan to school and him, Jake and I are going to do whatever his little 5 year old self wants to do. You see God has really been speaking to my heart regarding spending times with my kids on a one on one basis. I tend to do that with Liz because she is older and a girl, but my boys need that time just as much as Liz does. so since David will be starting kindergarten in less than 2 weeks, I felt it was time I did it now. so far he wants to go to the bookstore, golfing, the movies, to lunch, ice cream, and to Walmart to look at toys(which is funny because if there is one place i cant stand it is Walmart, and we rarely go there). not sure we will do all of those things, actually I am sure we wont do most of those things but we will probably do a couple. you see it doesn't matter what we do, or how much it cost as long as he feels like mom took time and planned a day to spend with him. it can consist of coming home having lunch on the couch , watching a movie, or reading books, as long as we are together. David is actually quite a homebody so he may end up wanting to come home and hanging out we will see. anyways, what are some one on one things you do with your kids? is God speaking to you about setting some special time to just spend with one child, whether our kids are 1,5, 9, or 15 they still need that time with us.

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