Saturday, August 11, 2007


So we I am getting ready to leave for vacation tomorrow morning(I am making a list on the computer of things I still need to do, as the family is sleeping). John's parent have a trailer that they keep at the beach and we can use it anytime we want so we are leaving tomorrow for a few days of R&R before school starts back up. We are staying at a new campground and it looks pretty nice, of course I will be posting pictures while I am there! well there is supposed to be Internet access there but you never know! We plan on sleeping in (doubtful), swimming in the ocean, eating good food (hopefully I can stay on WW), reading, making smores by the campfire (my favorite part about camping, and you can ask anyone who has camped with me I am the BEST smore maker EVER!!!) I will take pictures of that too! We will back on Thursday just in time for a mandatory parent meeting at school, then Friday a family picnic, and then school Monday! this summer has flown by...... so I hope to check in I am at the mercy of the computer access at the RV park, could be a scary week, and if there is no computer access you can bet I will be twitching by the time I get home..... so until I talk to you next goodbye from the self proclaimed smore making queen of the world!

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