Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hello! has been a few days since I last posted. I don't know how you ladies post something everyday, I try but I don't want to be boring. you all have much more interesting thing happen then me. if I posted every day most of the posts would probably be. I woke up today fed everyone, cleaned the house, read blogs and email, took someone somewhere, etc... so I thought I would give a boring update to what we have been doing for my lovely family who reads this occasionally.

Liz leaves for camp tomorrow after church! she is so excited to be going here. I am excited for her, to go learn about the Lord, do lots of fun activities, but I am a mom, and her telling me how last year she jumped from a rope into a lake, slid down a hill in shorts in a race, and slept in a freezing covered wagon kind of makes me nervous! plus she helps me sooooo much and I will have a lot more work around here! LOL that is kind of a joke! she does help a lot but she really helps with her brothers, they love her, and follow her around, translation: they are not following me around. oh well.

David is almost done with preschool this Tuesday is his last day, I am going to take him school shopping Thursday when Johnathan is in school. He is getting so big, and can not believe he will be a kindergartner in a few short weeks :(

Johnathan is still Johnathan, he is silly that is how I can explain him the best. he smiles when he gets in trouble, cries when he doesn't get a snack, and he still sings SOOOO loud, he is just LOUD period.

Jake is getting BIG he goes to the doctor for his 2 month check up on Tuesday, I cant believe he is 2 months already! today he wore some little old navy overalls I know i am bias but. OH. SO. ADORABLE.

Tonight John and the kids took me to outback since my birthday is Monday and Liz will be at camp. of course it was good!!!! after that we went to Target to get Liz a bunch of sugary loot for her trip and a flashlight, because she can not take her dads MAG light

John and I have been pretty boring, nothing much going on. John working and me getting things ready for MOPS. MOPS is only 6 weeks away! and this coordinator needs to get moving!!!! oh yeah I got my tooth pulled last Saturday, and the dumb thing still hurts!

so I told you, boring post, sorry if your still reading! have a good week I will be back with my oh so exciting Menu Plan Monday! I am off to bed, I got to get up early to go worship and take my baby to the bus for camp


  1. Well, I'm just another mom and this was not boring.
    It's just how it is.

    I hope your mouth will feel better soon.

    have a great sunday!

  2. Hope your daughter has fun at camp. I know you will miss her.

  3. Malachi is gone to camp this week too. It's his first time and man it's so weird not having him here and not knowing what he's doing all the time!! I hope Liz has a GREAT week!!