Sunday, July 29, 2007

too much sugar......

Have I ever mentioned that my daughter Liz has the sweetest personality, of probably anyone I have ever met. Now I am not just saying that she REALLY does. she always helps with her brothers, she is patient with them, teaches them things and reads to them, oh and she lets Johnathan sleep with her most nights. she always does her chores, never talks back, and really loves to help out. so yesterday I had my tooth pulled (yes on a Saturday), and Liz was so concerned about me, she asked if I needed anything, kept the boys occupied, and helped her dad out. well my mom came out to watch QVC because she doesn't have cable and wanted to buy some Birkenstock's, anywhoo back to the story.... Liz wanted to spend the night and came in and woke me form my divorced induced nap and said "Mom would it be OK if I spent the night with grandma" "sure sweetie, whatever.." "well mom will you be OK, you know with your hurt tooth and all?" "oh yeah I will be fine go ahead" so she left and called me approximately 45 times, OK it was more like 8 but still when your on darvocet you don't know what your talking about. see isn't she sweet? kind of makes you look over the days that she says things like this:

"mom today at school we were learning about nutrition, and how God wants our bodies to be healthy" "oh yeah" I say, "yeah, and do you know what Mrs.L said" "what Liz" " she said if you eat a lot of sugar when you are little you will get fat and have a big belly" "oh really what did you say?" " I raised my hand and said my mommy and daddy must have ate A LOT of sugar when they were little"..... isn't she sweet!


  1. She is sooo sweet! What a funny comment she made at school. That cracked me up.

  2. That is tooo sweet!!!! She LOVES her Mommy!!!

    God Bless,