Sunday, July 22, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

wow another week already? where does the time go.... I am excited to try some new recipes this week, hopefully the family is as excited as me, doubtful....


tacos- ground beef (4), tortillas (2), cheese (3), lettuce, tomatoes, rice (2.5) - total points- 11.5

Parmesan chicken breast- chicken (7), mashed potatoes 1/2 cup (2), asparagus (o)- total points -9

linguine w/ shrimp scampi- linguine 1 cup (4), shrimp 8 (2), butter (3) , salad (0)- total points-9

BBQ tri-tip- beef 3 ounces (5), salad (0), baked potatoes (2), butter (3), sour cream (2)- total points- 12

one night out for Johnathan's birthday

one night leftovers


sandwich- turkey(1), bread (2), cheese (3), veggies and dip (2)- 8 total

leftover- points vary

salad- (0), cheese (1.5), ham (1), eggs (2)-4.5 total


eggs 2 (4), tortilla (3), salsa (0)-7 total

English muffin (2), butter (1.5), jelly (0)- 3.5

fruit- 2 cups (2)
for more great menu's go visit Laura's site


  1. Everything looks great!

  2. Great menu! Thanks for listing the points. ;)That bbq bef sounds good. Is that from a WW cookbook?
    Enjoy your week!

  3. Yummy menu this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Awwww, what a sweet lil' baby! Congratulations to you, too!

  4. Great menu, everything looks yummy!!!


  5. what a wonderful week you have planned--yum.

  6. Thanks for listing the points! I usually try to calculate them on my menu plan, but I didn't get that done this week... I was busy creating a new blog! :)

  7. Can I come eat with you all? It sounds yummy and very kid-friendly. My kids would love the tacos and the Tri-tips. Thanks for sharing these good ideas!