Friday, July 6, 2007

IT'S HOT......

and when I mean hot I. MEAN. HOT. REALLY. HOT!!! when I watched the news last night they said it registered downtown at 113 degrees what??? a friend invited me and the kids over to swim today so I thought oh great idea the kids can swim for 2 hours get good and tired and come home and nap, so we get there and swim they had so much fun, we only stayed an hour and a half, it was too hot for the baby, I felt like a bad mom I should not have taken him out, BUT I wanted the boys to nap today, they didn't so i was a bad mom who was sweaty, grumpy, and irritated at the world.
Have I told you I am hungry? I am on WW and today I felt really hungry all day. but it is too hot to eat right now.

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