Monday, July 9, 2007

First week done and over with

and I am very happy with it! I succeeded at my first 7 days on weight watchers. This is such a big thing because when it comes to losing weight I am well a quitter, even after a day I usually cheat or sneak a little something here and there. well when I joined weight watchers I made a decision I was not going to cheat, the only person I am cheating is me! and i have got to get some of this weight off so I will do it. I wont waste my time and money on something I am not going to do 100%. So I did it, and it was the week of 4Th of July I still had a cupcake, homemade ice cream, and BBQ but not as much. It actually felt really good to have a boundary I know this all sounds crazy if you have no struggle with your weight, but us chubby people need boundaries. anywho, I lost 3 pounds thought that was pretty good! so that's it for now!




  1. Woo hoo, awesome job Raquel!! Hey here's the e-mail address of the lady who makes the onesies. Jake needs one. :-D

  2. Ok I feel like I'm on myspace communicating to you through blog comments. ROFL My e-mail is