Monday, June 25, 2007


must be my middle name, figuring my mother did not give me one it may as well be procrastination right? no really, OK those who know me know I love MOPS really I do, I am the coordinator of a awesome group really the best group and I know the Lord has called me to this awesome ministry that I hope to serve in for a long long time. Well every June we have a annual leaders retreat that I have to plan, well that retreat is in 4 days



what have i done you ask???? I have read the surveys, yup that's it, read the surveys.

So I have got to get to work on this. I have lots of ideas running around in this brain of mine but I need to get them down on paper. wish me luck.

P.S. don't forget I have a 3 week old gotta give a girl some grace right? in refrence to the picture I am not complaing I promise ;0)

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  1. Hello! Just came across your blog while searching for meal planning. :) Just wanted to encourage you... I am a MOPS DGL. Steering is a lot of work, but you are blessing so many! Good luck with the retreat! Would love to hear the details about it. We have been "retreating" to people's homes in the recent years, to cut down costs. I personally much more enjoyed the retreat out on a farm in a lodge, but it is understandable! What do you do for yours?