Sunday, June 3, 2007

alright I am saying it I like lists!!!!!

even if I am not accomplishing all the things on them I like to make them, it makes me feel important and organized. Granted I am getting ready to have a baby tomorrow (can not believe it is tomorrow) I still made a list of what I need to do this week, um should my list say

  1. have a baby and relax

no not mine here is my list form today on through Thursday


  1. church

  2. clean garage

  3. last minute things

  4. write lists for people watching kids

  5. wash all bedding

  6. pack kids bags

  7. dinner- kids choice, we are going out!

  8. catch up email (if needed)


  1. up early! Jake's birthday!

  2. get ids up spend some time with them

  3. make sure everything is clean and put away

  4. load car

  5. take boys to school (they are letting them come this day so the fam can be at the baby's birth) 7:30

  6. Liz to swim team (first practice) 8-9

  7. not sure what we will do after this

  8. hospital- 10:30

  9. c- section 12:30

  10. Teri will pick up boys around 3 or 4 and bring them to hospital

  11. I think the kids will stay with Teri and David (in-laws) because Teri has to work Tuesday so she can take boys to school???

  12. Liz will stay there too


  1. Teri takes boys to school???

  2. John meet Teri and take Liz to swim 8-9

  3. John and Liz come to hospital

  4. John pick up boys so they can come visit
    either John will come home with kids or they will go to my moms?????


  1. John will take Liz to swim 8-9

  2. boys will go to my moms

  3. hopefully I will be sent home???

  4. John will pick up kids :)

OK I know I am a loser but I have to know everything is somewhat set :) I am trying to talk John into just staying at home with the kids in the evenings, because it will be better for them, but he doesn't want to leave me alone so we will see :)

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