Friday, June 1, 2007

3 days to go!

Jake will be born on Monday at 12:30 is when I am scheduled for. The time has flown by, everyone is ready, and everything set up and looking cute. The house is clean, and I have everything in order for the kids as far as sitters. Hopefully I don't forget anything important :)

The kids are so excited they can not wait to meet there brother, especially David. Today Liz said "I was sad to be having a brother (she really wanted a girl) but now I cant wait!" I feel the same way I am so excited about Jake coming into our family, I am a little sad for the pregnancy to be over, except for I will be able to sleep at night, on my stomach and will have a little more energy.

This will be a busy summer Liz has swim team beginning Monday, the boys t-ball games start this week and we will have the baby. Life is busy but good!

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