Wednesday, May 9, 2007

selfish purchase

OK I have been wanting one of these bags forever!!!!! but I am not spending $160-200 for a diaper bag! well when I went to register for this baby I looked for a bag I liked and could not find one, the bags at babies r us are between $50-80 for a decent one but I still don't like them, so I started my quest for the right bag. so I found it... brand new, with tags.... ON EBAY!!! oh how I love this website. now it took a while to find it at a great price. I have been looking off and on for a couple of months but I wasn't in a hurry, but last night I couldn't sleep so I got up and surfed the web, well I found it 4 hours to go and only bid at $50 something had to be wrong. nope looked great, it even has the tags so i place my bid, I put in $63.00 as my max bid, (with $12 shipping) I said a quick selfish prayer "oh lord I really want that sill bag please let no one else see it" when I woke up this morning I was the winner $53 dollars so $65 after shipping, still more than I wanted to spend on a diaper bag but I had to have it! and isnt it pretty???


  1. I looooooooooooove that bag!!
    Blessings, Rossie

  2. I love that bag, if I ever have another baby I definately want one of those.