Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I am a nerd!!!

as if I did not know that already but today I really am. I got up earlier than usual (6:00 instead of 7) got dressed got the kids up and dressed, and we left for school at 7:20 because I had a doctors appointment at 8:15 all the way across town. so I have to pay to drop my daughter off early... fine, I get to the appointment at 8:08 and find out it is Thursday UGH!!!! now I have to do it all over again Thursday....... the life of this pregnant lady!

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  1. Oh Raquel, that stinks. When you say you have to do it again Tuesday, did you move the appointment, or did you mean Thursday? And then the fact that you had to pay to take your daughter early on top of everything. I wonder if it's a pregnancy thing? I know I did some weird things when I was pregnant with Micah. At the time I wasn't doing hometherapy with Britney, I used to take her for speech therapy. For some reason I had on my beloved's V-neck undershirt while I washed one of the few maternity tops I had. I guess I completely forgot and left to the appointment in the undershirt. I parked the car, I looked down and realized I had on his undershirt. Not only did I have it on, I had it one inside out. I had to duck way down low in the car, big ole pregnant belly and all, to quickly turn it inside out, not that that made it any better, and go into her ST appointment in an undershirt. That was so embarrassing.