Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reality TV!!!!

anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE reality TV almost all of them except for the dating ones, bachelor, bachlorette, etc. oh and dwts don't like that either. well this is my first year watching AI and I only watched it because there happened to be nothing on one night when thy were doing auditions so I became hooked. I have watched all season and had 2 favorites Blake, and Jordin. So you understand my excitement when those 2 are on the finale! So I had the DVR all set up and ready to go (because people who know me also know I LOATHE commercials) OK so I sit down at 9:30 and begin to watch AI from the beginning it was pretty good I thought Blake was great at his beat boxing thing!!!! well it gets towards the end and I realize it went over and my DVR only recorded until 10 so a whole season of AI and I had to look it up online UGH! I am glad Jordin won she is a great singer and I think more of the AI winner type (meaning I wont buy her CD) now summer is here and there is nothing good coming on I think maybe I will watch top chef (not sure when it starts) Hell's kitchen, and big brother!

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