Friday, May 18, 2007


well this has been a very uneventful week we have done a lot but nothing very exciting. we did paint I will have to post pictures so Michelle can see since she lives all the way in Idaho :) we painted the living room, dining room, and kitchen, ti was too dark for me we painted a very pale yellow and it look great (or at least to us, it really look brighter) we also painted the boys room. while I was at a MOPS convention last September John painted it for me (we had already bought the paint) 2 walls light blue, 2 walls dark blue. well it was way too dark so we painted the 2 dark walls tan (funny because that is the color they were before we painted them blue :) ) anyhow we also added some decorative painting, a little train, helicopter, car, truck, dump truck and boat. it looks really cute an once I put a crib in there it will look even better. the painting matches the quilt I bought for Jake's crib I will post that pic too Michelle :)

OK so other than that I have been doing a lot of nothing Just hanging out and cleaning, my house is so clean you could eat off the toilet if you wanted too (not that you would but just in case) and i have no laundry in the garage (that is huge)

tomorrow is my baby shower and I am so excited wish my sister and nieces could be here :(

alright that was the rambling for the most part sorry to bore you

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