Friday, May 25, 2007

Is it wrong of me?????

my daughter Liz is 9 years old and for her birthday we had a slumber party. now I have no problems with slumber parties, the girls had a lot of fun.I have no problem with the kids friends coming over I actually encourage it. well this week my daughter got invited to a slumber party. I immediately told her she could go to the party but not spend the night, i do not know her family well enough for her to be there all night long.(Liz did not question my answer I could tell she was disappointed but she did not ask) I immediately felt guilty but knew it was the right thing for our family. My daughter goes to a great christian school and I like all the parents BUT I am not going to let my daughter spend the night at there houses. we do allow our kids to spend the night at grandparents, and my daughter can spend the night at my brothers with her cousin but that is about it. I used to let her stay with a friend until i found out that the mom was letting her boyfriend stay there too without telling me, and she has spent the night with a friend who I know the mom and grandma very well but I still am not sure about that. so was that wrong? I hope not because that is the rule here.....


  1. Raquel, i agree with you!! I think that when my girls are old enough to spend the night at peoples house that we are going to have the same rule!!

  2. What if no one had come to your daughter's slumber party? How would she have felt? It's a tough decision to make. I always knew the families that my daughter spent the night with (she is now 23). She did have one friend who was not allowed to spend the night with anyone...ever. The girl was very sad about it and would ask me to call her Mom and ask if she could spend the night. The answer was always the same.