Sunday, February 4, 2007

I am here....

Aren't you all excited? I am looking forward to blogging land. I have been reading all these great blogs forever and i decided to hop on the bus and start my own. I know what do I have to offer that everyone else has not covered? probably nothing, but I thought it would be fun anyways.... I am excited to share recipes, menu, organizing tips, and anything else that comes into this little brain of mine. as soon as I get this blogging stuff down I will share the links to all my favorites.

Lets see what can I tell you that is not in my profile. I am pregnant with my fifth child, yup fifth and this will be my fourth boy! my oldest is a girl and boy was she praying for a sister but the lord has other plans for us (sometimes I think they are to test my patience with all these boys running around) I had 3 boys within 12 months when my oldest David turned 1, the following week I had twin boys Matthew and Johnathan. Matthew passed away at 3 months old and I thought we would not have anymore, but the Lord took the fear away from me and he gave me peace so here we are 3 years later getting ready to have another one. i am excited of course but honestly I am a little scared, so prayers are appreciated!

My hubby John works very hard so I can stay home with the kids and I appreciate him sooooo much for that. Our anniversary is valentines day and we will be married for 9 years.

Although some days are better than other there is no where else I would rather be! I hope my blog is fun and enjoyable to all of you!!!!!

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