Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer wrap up

School starts tomorrow.. this summer flew by. This momma is not complaining about that =) Along with school starting tomorrow, we are having our baby on Wednesday! The baby is measuring really big and my doctor doesn't want me to go into labor so she got the hospital to approve my c-section 5 days earlier PRAISE the Lord! i have been pregnant 6 times and this will be my 7th baby and i have had every pregnancy symptom imaginable but this pregnancy takes the cake i tell John my uterus is just old ha-ha! This will be my 5th c-section so my nerves are a little on edge but i am beyond excited to meet this little guy {we still haven't decided on the name}

Lilly is getting so excited, she swears we are naming the baby cookie! she practices putting diapers on her bear because she wants to change all the diapers herself HA!

she loves animals, too bad her mom doesn't 

Liz is loving high school (they started last Wednesday) she has lots of friends, is captain of her vb team and so far is excited for the year. lets hope the enthusiasm lasts i think it will she really does like school

Lilly is so sweet {most of the time} she asks every day to sleep in my bed or to watch cartoons in my room

i went to the hospital one day and this sign made it so real i am having a baby soon =)

this is a full circle moment for me, Liz begged for about 6 months for this and her dad obliged finally. the newness has worn off already of course

The big boys run from my camera so no pics of them today but know they are excited for school tomorrow. Backpacks are packed, lunch boxes ready to be packed and clothes picked out.

it was a fun summer!

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