Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

It is 5:51 and i have been awake since 4, I am not too much of a early bird so that is strange i was up so early today.   I spent some time in the word and read blogs, i am still in bed and refuse to get up until my normal 6:15 ;) here are some things i have been pondering on 

Have you all ever bought/seen Sanuk shoes? I love them they are so comfortable and you can just toss them in the washer and they look like new. plus they carry size 11 for women, few places do so i take what i can get 


this is my friend Fred the skeleton, i got him at Michaels for like $4 after i had to beg the lady to take my coupon, i don't know about where you live but the lady at Rosedale Michaels who i always seem to get never wants to take my coupon for the item i chose, hello the coupon say any item regularly priced grrrr i get so annoyed when cashiers get huffy, like hello giving me the 40% off doesn't mean you have to pay it out of your pay check, i don't understand! anyways Fred was worth him i adore himand his glittery body....

these 2 are best buds. Lilly has to make that face in all her pictures, i am not sure where she gets that spunk ;) If we move (still not beleiveing until after the inspection tomorrow becasue anything can come up on these FHA loans these days) so if/when we move i think i am going to let them share a room, we are going to be renting for a year or so so by the time we buy again they will still be little where it wont be weird that they are sharing a room! I dont know what do you think? they just have the most toys and play together so well, and Jake says they can have a princess room since Lilly loves princesses (isnt that sweet? he is the best!)
my phone case
i love animal print
i love my phone
i hate google maps, droid WAY outdid apple in that department 
The laundry NEVER ends its exhausting  i just said that in my best Taylor Swift  voice HA! if you have no idea what i am talking about sorry that song is on my nerves but i cant get it out of my mind, like hello would anyone tell Jake Gyllenhaal that you are never ever ever getting back together? i think not.....

i generally do about 3 loads a day in my big ol front loaders and that can keep me up on laundry without falling too far behind. This obviously was when i fell behind last week becasue my washer was out for 5 days, FIVE days they were glorious i tell you no washing or drying or putting away oh i hate the putting away. ok off the topic of laudnry....

it finally feels like fall here in sunny oh Cali, I mean it was 95 last week here ugh i am over it! Anyway I got this Keurig for free a couple months back but i have this thing about drinking hot drinks when it is hot out seems crazy to me. I am looking forward to hot chocolates and maybe learning to love coffee (i like coffee, but i can take it or leave it) 

OK that's it for today

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