Monday, October 29, 2012

Our weekend

What a GREAT weekend! 
We had no meetings, no places to be, no football games, nothing to do but spend time with one another!

Lilly's preschool is a drop in childcare center and they offer this special Monday Friday for $25 you can drop off your kids from 5-9 they feed them dinner, snacks, and have activities planned. This week we took advantage of it and took our big kids on a date

We took them out to dinner at a real restaurant and it was so fun we ate outside, talked, played tic tac toe etc. The food was good and it was just a beautiful night! After dinner we went to see here comes the boom oh my goodness it was so funny! we ALL loved it and that is saying a lot because i rarely like kids movies, but this will be one we purchase for sure. After the movie we even had time to take the kids to frozen yogurt and picked up Lilly with 7 minutes to spare =) It was nice to enjoy our big kids and know Lilly was having fun too, we don't do that enough but family date nights can add up we need to be more intentional about finding cost effective things to do other than sit in front of the TV at home...

Saturday i slept until 10 AM! It was so nice! John got up with the kids and i slept in i LOVE sleep i am not one of those moms who spring up at 5am happy as a bird, oh no i like to sleep in and i like my naps. Speaking of naps i tool one at 2 because obviously i didn't sleep in long enough =) I slept until 4 and we didnt make it to church because Liz also took a nap until almost 5. 

John and I got ready and went on a date just the 2 of us, it was SO nice to get away alone. We went to PF Chang's and then to target, we were going to go to a movie but we were tired and came home and watched CSI and crashed before 11 we are getting old!

I thought this ecard was funny, just a random thing for ya =)

today we woke up (didn't sleep in much darn it) and the kids carved pumpkins, Lilly was busy watching cartoons she didn't care about this activity. Other than that we laid around, watched football, i baked a Texas sheet cake and that about it for the day. 
oh i washed dishes by hand because our hot water heater is broken and i needed to boil the water first, seriously what did we do before dishwashers and hot water heaters HA!

tonight i took Liz to youth group while she was there i filled up my car with gas and went and washed it, i am going on a girls trip in the morning for a day to Los Angeles so i will tell you more about that later!

Did you have a low key weekend? 

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  1. lol. love ee cards.

    no, i did not have a low key weekend. went on the church camping trip. it was filled with lotsa craziness but we had a blast regardless of all the exhaustion and hiccups:)