Monday, September 24, 2012


Well I am trying to make it a conscious effort to update the blog more. So know time better than the present =)

last week we took the 2 little kids to Disneyland for the day because i wanted to take Lilly before her 4rd bday since she was still free, in case you have not been to Disneyland recently holy heck the prices are 

We havent been since lilly was a baby and that was completely free since we did a program Disney ran to earn free tickets before that it had been about 5 years before that!

anyhow we got our maps of the city and got in line =)

It was a great day to go, the longest line was for the news cars land and that was about 30 minutes, Lilly threw a HUGE fit and i left the line with her. John said the ride was lame so i don't feel i missed much and the line was very grateful i left with Ms.Thing....

Lilly had a wonderful time.... as long as we did what she wanted and didn't have to wait in line HA!
She has been talking non stop about riding horsies at DL so she was thoroughly pleased at this point and we rode it twice even better =)

Jake was the perfect age to go, he could ride everything didn't get over tired and understood the fun of the day....

Lilly on the other hand was 2........... she threw about 5 fits like this for the day which i see as pretty good HA! 

John described the day to me as a scene to my favorite movie father of the bride part 2 where the parents find out they are having another baby and when they leave the doctors they are driving down the road and mom is envisioning playing and walking, discovering , happy times etc... and George is looking on the other side of the road and is envisioning crying, and the kid screaming throwing a fit HAHA!!! It kind of was like that but not that bad ;)

see and 5 minutes later back to sweet girl =)

it was fun but exhausting!

we left with a extremely expensive balloon, lots of memories, and tried kids and parents 

and since i don't like waiting in line, if i saw a character i would just take a picture and i didn't care if it was someone elses kid the point was we saw Cinderella right?! 

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  1. hey! I didn't know you had a blog! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lily seriously cracks me up.