Monday, June 18, 2012

My update in ecards

So is anyone else LOVING pinterest. OK i know dumb question since the whole world is practically on there. i love these your ecards and i post them to FB often, as well as pin them to my boards. so i thought i would give you a update of our life for the past month but also post some of my favorites....

SOOOO we put our house on the market {GASP} i know, we swore we would never move again but we spend half our life driving in the car to the other side of town and something has to give. We are seeing how it goes and i am excited and sad at the same time we have put a LOT of work into this home

My 3 oldest went to camp last week, or as i like to call it clean the kids rooms and throw out all there junk week. i got rid of a TON of stuff! The picture above shows you how my kids clean there rooms, and honestly everything gets shoved in corner, closets and under beds...

summer is pretty laid back and i don't go many places, i consider it a saving on the wallet since i don't get dressed with makeup, hair and all that good stuff everyday...

not a ecard but i love Francis Chan and really isnt this the truth!?

i love to shock people.
i really do
that's all i will say about this for right now

our AC went out last week, our warranty company kept sending out people who knew nothing to fix the problem honestly i could have fixed it quicker. did i mention it was over 105 degrees last week, and our house is for sale which means showing grrrr. i literally wanted to sock someone in the face

I am learning this a lot right now. 
people are so judgmental, particularly christian people i mean really i am not surprised the unchurched don't want to go to church. Why cant we just start showing some grace and living people where they are instead of judging them?

seriously, can i get a amen?!!!! isn't this so annoying, almost as annoying as the dumb game requests and people who post a hundred music videos a day...

i should have my own reality show i am pretty sure of it =)

have i ever mentioned how much i love my husband,  i know i have but i love him more everyday he is the most patient, loyal, serving man i have ever met. He takes care of me {us} so well, he is my hero

this explains why i don't work

i love these kind. 
i need to get back to the gym... i know i do!

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