Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Cleaning

My kids have been off of school all week.
our TV has been broken
they have fought much less this week.. coincidence? i think not
So we went out of town last weekend, celebrated Liz's birthday on Monday and the rest of the week we have been spring cleaning.

i didn't plan to go into this week and spring clean it just hit me one day it needed to be done. It all started with Johnathan's broken bed, we had to get it out of the room so i decided to clean the whole thing, i went through all there clothes and drawers and junk treasures {grin}

well we ended up doing the girls room that same evening. that was all on Wednesday... yesterday i tackled a HUGE project i have put off the dreaded school room turned room of doom

please don't judge me too harshly for the following pictures just keeping it real

We don't have a garage , attic or basement so everything we are not using must fit in this space. it is a great sized room but things get tossed in there for a little while then it turns in to this... no excuses it is ridiculous

i am not a pat rack i swear i am not, and i cant not stand clutter, however i don't go in this room often (you can see why) and i guess out of sight out of mind =(
there is all the clothes the kids have out grown, books, and anything else you can think of in there. 

so yesterday at about 3 i sent John a text that looked something like this:
me: can i load the trailer with junk for the dump i will take it tomorrow
John: ummm ok sure
me: why do you say it like that lol
John: you are taking it to the dump
me: yay sure i can do it
John: cool

so that second i told the kids get in the room we are cleaning this room up. and in about 2 hours we had it about 80% done

i will get in there today and get some more pictures i hope to get it done.
i even went through a ton of my craft stuff and purged about 2/3 of it only keeping my favorites!

have you been spring cleaning this week?
here is a picture off my phone for a sneak peek much better right?!!!!

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