Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Wreath

Are you all having fabulous weather in your part of the world like we are here in California? SO pretty, high 60-70's PERFECT!!! i am enjoying because we have LONG summers around here we will be in the 100's for months YUCK!
Well when spring comes i want to do 2 things: clean, and redecorate everything with fresh light colored stuff =)

so far i chose the decorate and i felt a little crafty

I made this wreath for my friend Kristen and it was SO easy
i took a foam wreath and attached all this goodness with pearl pins you use for sewing.
I saw several ideas on Pinterest and kind of combined a few ideas and made it my own

i bought a new glue gun to make these flowers because my old $2 one kept breaking, i now have several burns from my high dollar $7 one haha!
the flower were so easy just twist and turn the fabric in to a flower SUPER easy!

i took squares of burlap, folded them in half then in half again and pinned them on the wreath
that's it!

seriously a little obsessed when i do a craft that is this easy!

what have you doing this spring? decorating or cleaning?
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  1. The wreath looks great. You not a lone. I have been burned more times then I can count. My husband says a project isn't done intill I have burnt myself at least once.