Thursday, February 2, 2012

February challenge

Johnnie and I are wanting to do some home improvements this year, usually for me i enjoy decorating our home but we have never really done anything to the outside of our home and after 4 years it needs it! Our goals are to redo our front yard, rip out the driveway, new grass flower beds, walkways, porch etc. Also we want to resurface our pool and fix the pool light so the kids can swim in the evenings come summer. So i am thinking those projects are going to take some extra cash because our tax return always runs out before our ideas ;)

My goal is to spend $75 a week on groceries! that may seem like a lot to some but i have got in that habit of spending much more than that and we have a big stock pile. i told Johnnie and he kind of snickered and said let me know how that goes... lol. Well that encouraged me to see if i can do it. We go through about 6 gallons a milk a week so that is about $20 of my $75 right there so the rest will go for produce, bread, eggs etc. Luckily i have quiet a bit of stuff and if i am creative i may not have to buy any meat we also have beans, rice, pastas, oatmeal, starting off with 4 18 packs of eggs so a good start!

Last night for my day 1 i made chicken stir fry and rice.

I have seen this done on lots of blogs and i love the idea, not so much for saving money (which is awesome) but for using up what we have. I will take pictures along the way especially at the end of the month when it gets lean lol

have you ever done a grocery challenge for your family? how did it go?

These pictures are from last month a trip to sams i took

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