Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lilly's 2nd birthday

Two weekends ago we had a little birthday party for Lilly! she loves Minnie mouse so we went with that theme =)

Here is the party girl ready for the day!
So we had this party a little different since we and so many of our friends are so busy we decided to have a pancake/waffle party!

 I used this mini muffin pan and put some out that guests could put in there waffles or pancakes

i made sausage and bacon ahead of time before everyone got there and put them in the crock-pots to keep warm
We made the party open house and people came and went throughout the morning it was so nice that way!

little waffle bar they were bomb!

the cake and cupcakes. I packaged the cupcakes to go so that everyone could take them to go with a yoohoo =)

here is my birthday girl! oh man i love this kid beyond words

she is obsessed with this baby she carries it all the time and sleeps with her at night, she cries and says mama. Our friends the Jones' got it for her

She loved her bday party and we loved celebrating Lilly! thank you all who came!
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