Friday, October 21, 2011

Like oh my gosh were back in the 80's

So one of my good friend's Jennifer recently turned 40 and we of course had to take her back to her youth and have a 80's party

We told her we were having a game night but everyone needed to dress 80's

i was born in 1979 so i was not a teen in the 80's but it was so fun to dress up!

here we all are with our crazy hair and way too much make up on!

it was fun and so perfect for Jen, we even listed to some fun music like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and so much more including Jen's favorite Bon Jovi HA!!!!

our friend Tiffany came but she was too cool to dress up =p

happy birthday Jen! Hope this year is the best one yet, you are such a fun and loyal friend! 
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