Friday, May 13, 2011

What we have been up to



May is always such a busy month for us I cant believe I have not updated this blog in like 2 weeks, craziness! We have been wrapping things up, getting ready for summer and just doing normal life. The next few posts are just what we have been doing so feel free to go to the next blog unless you are my husband or family HA!


John recently barbequed for our jr.high group end of the year BBQ and bike ride. It was a great turnout and as usual Johnnies bbq was so good! We love being able to serving our church, sometimes with a family of 7 it can be a little difficult but we try to help out where we can. I only stayed for a few minutes of this because Lilly was on meltdown mode since it was nap time


We also had our MOPS final play date and Jake had so much fun he was crying when we had to leave! Our church's mops group has put on so many great activities this year and this was a great way to end the year.


Lilly had a fun time playing bubbles that day and my kids are just loving being outdoors right now.


My hall has stripes I am trying to decide what color to paint  it and I am still unsure. I started by thinking green but now I am thinking gold, any opinions out there?  so for now they are just sitting there for now lovely right? Liz’s room and the bathroom look similar…. Winking smile


These 2 are seriously so sweet!

Jake loves Lilly soooo much and she is loving her big brother just as much she constantly goes around hugging and kissing him.

I am trying to cherish these moments because man this year is flying by before you know it summer will be over!

Is your may crazy too?

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