Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mothers Day 2011


Mothers /day this year was very laid back. We had my mom and family over the night before and we had dinner and the kids swam. We live in California it is generally hot in May (and as I type it is pouring rain and cold HA!) My sister brought over these pretty flowers for me!



Mothers Day morning my kids woke me up and showered me with fun stuff. Johnnie ordered me this super cute Kelley Moore bag and I am so excited to have a bag that protects my camera but I can also carry my stuff in YAY Johnnie thank you! I am pretty spoiled all year so I was not expecting this at all. I got to sleep in and we went to third service that day instead of our normal 1st service PTL!!!


My kids gave me all kinds of cool stuff they made at school loved it all!!!

I am not big on Mothers day honestly but I love that my family put effort in to making my day extra special they are great

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