Friday, October 1, 2010


I love the fall. I just we had more of a real fall here, last week was great it even rained a few days a welcome break from the 100 degree weather.
Today the weather is back in the high 80's for the week, seriously i am so tired of the heat.
This is my kitchen one day last week, just wanted to post some "realness" with the dishes in the sink

I made this new chore chart and it is working SOOO amazing. The kids have to get there stuff done every morning before we start school and they are doing great. i broke everything down to categories and each kid has a chore in the category. Those of you with kiddos how do you handle chores?

i even made a pot of chili last week it was so yummy on a cold-ish day.
Fall makes me want to eat comfort food like soups and pumpkin bread i hope i can stick to my diet i am struggling to say the least! It also makes me want to wear sweatshirts and jeans, i love cooler weather i have been looking for some new fall clothes since my stuff from last year no longer fits i love some of the trends and yuck on some of them. that will be a different post.
i am trying to get back into blogging
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