Thursday, August 19, 2010

weekend chores

my boys love to help around the yard, when dad is out there (how come no one ever wants to help me clean the house!)
2 weeks ago i went for a walk and then stopped at a yard sale and when i drove up the street this is what i saw, love it!

Jake is still potty training and pretty successful (YAY!) and he is always in his undies only

oh and at that yard sale i got ALL these books (several are teaching books since the families home school) for TWO dollars, total not for each book TOTAL!

I also got this cute baby doll high chair for $2 so $4 for all this stuff (and some books not pictured i got for my nieces). this is what made me stop i am going to spray paint it (of course) and make a seat cushion and put it in Lilly's room sooo excited!
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